Residents as Educators

Residents are no longer considered to be training only for clinical work. Senior residents teach and supervise junior residents, interns, and medical students. Chief residents play a larger role.

Department for Educational Development (DED) has been holding workshops for 'Residents as Teachers', since 2004. These are initiatives to develop Aga Khan University (AKU) residents for teaching and learning, especially in high-volume and limited time environments as in clinics.

Although these workshops have been regularly conducted, they cannot fulfill the entire teaching needs of the residents. Thus a comprehensive "Residents as Educators Programme" to fulfill their teaching and supervisory roles vis-a-vis medical students, interns and junior residents has been designed and will be initiated from November 2007 onwards.

Orientation and Sensitisation (will be initiated from November 2007)

Who should attend?

  • Residents of Year 1 (Beginning of R1)


  • Principles of education and educational programmes at AKU;

  • Roles and responsibilities in contributing to educational activities of the respective departments in the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and supervision.

Effective Teaching Skills in Clinical Settings: Wards and Clinics (being conducted since May 2004)

Who should attend?

Residents of Year 2 (Beginning of R2)


  • Effective teaching in clinical settings;

  • Formative assessment and effective feedback.

Supervision and Assessment (will be initiated in 2009)

Who should attend?

Residents of Year 3 (Beginning of R3)


  • Facilitate small group sessions - tutorials, clinicals;

  • Develop/Improve lecturing skills;

  • Evaluate presentations by students, interns and junior residents;

  • Supervise students, interns and residents;

  • Contribute to the continuous assessment of students, interns and junior residents;

  • Participate in summative assessment of students.

Residents who complete the three levels of the Residents as Educators Programme will be awarded a Certificate of participation and satisfactory completion of the programme.