Division of Woman and Child Health

The Division, under the leadership of Prof. Zulfiqar ​Ahmed Bhutta as the Founding Chair, has over the years earned various accolades due to its excellence in Public Health Research as well as clinical sciences. The Division comprises of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Department of Obstetr​ics and Gynaecology and the Section of Feto Maternal Medicine.

The Division’s Outreach and Research Programme has 9 community-based field site offices and focuses on research for betterment of women and child health. It employs over 1,100 staff and manages an overall grant portfolio exceeding 34 Million US Dollars in 39 different active research projects. The Division has a Nutritional Research Laboratory as well as an Infectious Disease Research Laboratory that cater the needs of its research projects. With 10 dedicated research faculty members, the Division constantly strives to develop high-impact research projects in consonance with the health improvement strategies of Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan. It has well-acclaimed work to its credit both at the national and international level, not only impacting the health policies but also enabling millions to live an improved life!

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