​Ethics Review Committee

The Ethics Review Committees (ERCs)  provide a rigorous, relevant and timely review of the research applications across the Faculty of Health Sciences in Pakistan.

Apply for Research Ethics Approval​​

All applications must be submitted online through the ERM Infonetica Software. Please ensure that you complete all sections of the online form and upload all the supporting documents. User manual and FAQs are available online.



Training Resources​​

As an investigator, you need to complete one of the following courses and submit an electronic copy of the completion certificate along with your ERC application. This certificate serves as evidence that you have completed the training.  ​

Total number of modules: 4
No fee is required


For queries and information:

Tel: +92 21 3493 0051 Ext: 4988/2445
​​Email: erc.pakistan@aku.edu​​​