Message from Associate Dean,​ Education, FHS

muhammed.tariq.jpgThe Associate Dean, Education, Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) leads the Department for Educational Development (DED), and plays a prime role in ensuring effective delivery of the educational strategies, quality assurance of educational programmes and faculty development both at the under graduate and postgraduate level for the Medical College and School of Nursing for improved Health Professions Education at the University. The Department is an educational resource and think tank for educational innovations. 

As an Interim Associate Dean, Education I will ensure valuable and resourceful contributions in the development and delivery of all key University academic strategies and will undertake the leadership role in the Faculty’s strategic planning process which relates to the development of educational priorities, targets and programmes. ​

During my tenure I will provide my knowledge and feedback to the development, implementation and maintenance of academic standards and educational policies of the University. I would be closely working with my team for the advancement in educational pedagogy, including innovative curricula, new instructional strategies, use of e-learning and web-based resources, blended learning, innovative and appropriate assessment methods, and evaluation of educational programmes both at undergraduate and post graduate level at medical college and school of nursing and midwifery.  Lead and strengthen the Master’s programme in Health Professional Education for faculty within the University, as well as for external participants. 

Develop and encourage an environment and shared vision within the faculty that fosters and values educational excellence through the faculty’s programmes, priorities and goals. The new advancements would ultimately promote innovative, interdisciplinary and collaborative learning and teaching and curriculum development across the Faculty. This would also encourage deeper student engagement in enhancement of learning and teaching. Assist the Dean to lead the faculty to be recognized nationally and internationally for educational innovation and excellence. 

Within the department and inter department, I would be pleased to create an atmosphere of teamwork. To promote faculty and staff development I would develop a staffing and recruitment plan consistent with the academic goals of the department and University. Provide career counseling and encourage and promote career development for each faculty member and staff. 

Would encourage collaborative research and develop appropriate leadership and management skills through institutional support and encouragement; and pursue national and international links and contacts for professional growth by inviting world renowned professionals/educationist to visit AKU and by participating in international forums. 

Dr Muha​mmad Tariq

Interim Associate Dean and Interim Chair
Department for Educational Development
Professor of Medicine
Aga Khan University​