Advanced Level Course on Teaching and Learning (ALC-TL) in Health Professions Education (HPE)

The course aims to enable students to build a conducive learning environment and design, conduct and evaluate effective teaching and learning based on insights into learning theories, emerging teaching-learning needs, learning resources and support systems.

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Course Description

This course focuses on underpinning learning theories for design, implementation and evaluation of different teaching and learning strategies; developing learning resources to engage students and support their learning and creating a positive learning environment.


ALC-TL is a core course for the Advanced Diploma in HPE and Master of HPE programmes. It is also open as a standalone course to all health care professionals in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Allied Health with a proven interest/responsibility and at least two years teaching experience in HPE.

There are a limited number of seats, applicants will be shortlisted according to the specified selection criteria.

Pre requisite

Introductory Short Course in Health Professions Education

Course Credits



This is a ten-week course from September 12 to November 20, 2016.

  • Two-week part-time pre-reading​​
  • Two-week full-time intensive face-to-face onsite component (September 26 to October 07, 2016
  • Six-week part-time independent study and written assignment completion

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • design teaching and learning programmes and sessions in HPE by:

    • applying current theories of learning

    • developing and using appropriate instructional material and resources.

  • conduct teaching activities based on principles of learning and learning theories.

  • develop personal/professional development plans.

  • effectively use and provide input for available student support systems at their own institutions.

  • use information and communication technology (ICT) in the teaching programmes to enhance learning.

  • evaluate effectiveness of the teaching and the course.

  • contribute to building a conducive learning environment at their own institution(s).


The assessment in this course is divided into the following two components, which have to be passed separately.

  • In the face-to-face component, assessment will be through:

  • continuous observation of participation and contributions, individual and group assignments/presentations, and reflections

  • end-of-the-course assessment including Objective Structured Teaching Exam​ination (OSTE).

  • In the distance learning component assessment will be based on completion and grading of an application based independent study and written assignment (ISWA) using best evidence medical education (BEME).

For satisfactory completion of the course requirements, student has to attain at least 55% scores in continuous assessment and the written assignments independently, with an overall aggregate of 60%.

Educational Strategies

The educational strategies are multi-modal with focus on active learning, critical thinking and reflective practice. It is offered through interactive plenaries, student presentations, experiential individual and small group  learning sessions, and technology based asynchronous learning.

Mid-course feedback is provided.

Course Fee

Local participants: Rs 59​,000 per person

International participants: US $ 1,06​​0 per person

How to apply

Please send an online registration form Click Here


Programme Director, MHPE

Dr Syeda Kauser Ali

Course Director & Programme Director, Advanced Diploma in HPE

Dr Sheilla Pinjani

Course Co Director

Dr Azam Afzal

Faculty Coordinator, MHPE

Dr Tabassum Zehra

MHPE Programme Office:

Mr. Aslam Nathwani
Associate, HPE Programme
Department for Educational Development
Aga Khan University

Mr. Meeran Ayaz
Secretary, MHPE
Department for Educational Development
Aga Khan University

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