COVID-19 Updates and Resources​

The coronavirus pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges to the regions we serve, and AKU’s health care professionals and researchers are at the forefront of the response. In a time of uncertainty, we are a trusted source of care and expertise. ​

While the University Hospitals are working around the clock, we are also taking numerous steps to ensure the well-being of our faculty, staff and students. ​In Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the United Kingdom, classes have been suspended or are on break and online learning is occurring whenever feasible. Trainees in the Postgraduate Medical Education programme continue to provide clinical care. Staff are working from home when possible, and most events have been postponed ​or moved online. You can read President Firoz Rasul’s message of March 16. 

In response to requests from its friends and supporters, the University has established a COVID-19 Fund. Donations to the Fund will support AKU’s coronavirus-related efforts.​

​​Resources for faculty​ and staff are available.​