MPhil in Biological and Biomedical Sciences​

The MPhil programme is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programme in Biological and Biomedical Sciences. MPhil BBS has four specialities / streams: (1) Anatomy (2) Physiology (3) Biochemistry (4) Pharmacology. The programme is designed to produce competent, confident and productive biomedical scientists who can pursue their passion for research and lear​ning onto PhD training, or who can have a successful career in academia and industry upon as a fresh graduate from the programme.

MPhil BBS equips graduate students with broad-based integrated concepts of basic health sciences through research-based education, thereby integrating desirable attributes of knowledge, skills and attitude as learning outcomes. The programme welcomes meritorious applicants from a wide range of disciplines. ​​​​​


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Here's what our students have to say about their experience of being developed as leaders and posi​tive contributors to society.

"The programme has given me the confidence to develop my knowledge and skills and apply them to the improvement of our society. Taught by devoted faculty and supported through financial assistance, it has encouraged me to hone my abilities and think innovatively to bring out the best version of myself."

Ali Sheik​h, Class of ​2021

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