Human Development Programme - HDP

Human development is a major theme in the work of Aga Khan University. The HDP programme was established as the first concrete initiative in this field in 2003.​

The programme aims to support human development through multidisciplinary and research-based approaches. Its initial focus is early childhood, a period of life that lays the foundation for all future learning, development and wellbeing. HDP applies integrated approaches to education, health and nutrition, and stimulation in early years. The programme provides the support needed to promote holistic child development by e​​nhancing physical, cognitive, social and emotional abilities of children to help them become healthy and competent individuals who participate productively and effectively in their societies.  

HDP is determined to promote better development of future generations. With its educational and community-based programmes, HDP aims to build the capacity of the professionals, parents and communities as they hold the responsibility of providing strong foundations and learning opportunities ​that ensure a great start in life to every child.

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