Master of Health Professions Education

​​The Master of Health Prof​essions Education (MHPE) programme aims to develop excellent teachers; innovators and researchers as well as leaders in health professions education. It is a platform for educators in the health professions to share experiences resulting in the development of collaborations and linkages optimising education and research at national and regional levels. Graduates from the programme use best evidence medical education to make informed decisions for improving the standards of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing health professions education (medical, dental, nursing and allied health) in Pakistan and abroad.​​​

​Key programme features

  • The programme is offered through a blended learning approach with a specific period of full-time intensive interactive teaching and learning component, and a period for distance-learning independent study to complete an application-oriented research project

  • Students can accrue credits based on a system of cumulative course credits and choose to take 1-2 core courses according ​to their interest, and pursue no qualification​

  • Faculty are invited from various entities and departments of AKU for enrichment by inter-professional collaborative education

  • Representatives from different health professions are invited to share experiences, and increase collegiality, collaborations, linkages and research, nationally and regionally.​

  • Graduates are well grounded in HPE research​​​​​


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Life at AKU is not all about the classro​om

Here's what our students have to say about their experience of being developed as leaders and posi​tive contributors to society.

“Being part of the programme was like exploring a whole world of medical education. It was indeed a phenomenal experience that extended from learning the theoretical underpinnings of the core concept to the practical application of these concepts. It is an absolute delight to execute my responsibilities as a clinician educator now as I know what needs to be done and how!"

Dr Sana Saeed​, Class of 2019

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