​​Clinical and Translational Research Incubator​ - CITRIC 

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Established in 2020 by AKU Medical College's Dean's Office, CITRIC is designed to serve as a designated space for clinical and translational research. ​​The incubator is a momentous step towards realising His Highness the Aga Khan's founding vision of AKU as a globally-recognised research university. Research continues to be a priority; in his 2020 ​address, pertaining to the pandemic, the Chancellor stated:

"AKU aims to be as relevant for the next global health crisis as it has been​ for this one. Today, AKU is building its capacity for cutting-edge research applicable to the distinctive health risks for populations in Asia and Africa. It will seek to harness the enormous potential of advances in artificial intelligence, genomic medicine and stem cell science to address tomorrow’s cha​llenges, as well as today’s".​

The ​CITRIC Space​

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​The incubator is divided into two spaces: CITRIC Main​ (left), CITRIC Junior (right)

CITRIC's beneficiaries span senior leadership, faculty, researchers, staff, fresh medical graduates and students.

​Research Incubation

​Five centres are housed within CITRIC, providing their team members with designated spaces for collaborative research.​​

18 million
secured in funding through grants
100 % ​​
of initial investment into CITRIC has been recouped
220 + 
beneficiaries since CITRIC's inauguration

Research Training

Dean's Clinical Research Fellowship - DCRF Programme

AKU_(82).JPGOffered to AKU's MBBS graduates to strengthen their clinical research portfolios while proving structured mentorship. It is a one-year, fully-funded position that prioritises exposure to various areas of clinical research in specific areas of interest. The programme involves practical research as well as focused teaching sessions and workshops. Learn more about DC​RF​. ​​

Director: Dr Shahzad Shamim​​​

Resear​ch Facilitation​

AKU_(66).JPG​A one-stop-shop for research faciliation. CITRIC provides work stations, meeting rooms and administrative support to early career researchers and faculty. There are 96 work stations, of which 24 are established as flexible hot-desking seats shared by various research project staff.

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Celebrating CITRIC's 1st Anniversary
Researchers, faculty and senior leadership gathered to celebrate one year of impact from CITRIC. Dr Asad Ali, Associate Dean Research, delivered a welcome address and an impact report. Dr Shamim, Dr Atiq and Dr Nadeem presented their initiatives.


Grants provide valuable resources to the CITRIC centres. They fu​el the research projects and ensure sustainable innovation across CITRIC centres.

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​Local Pa​rtnerships

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​​​​Noreen Afzal | Instructor, Department of Surgery ​noreen.afzal​@aku.edu

Nizar Khowaja |  Assistant, CITRIC  nizar.khowaja@aku.edu | +92 21 3486 ​5067​

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CITRIC is located on the ground floor of the old private wing.