​Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery​ - MBBS

Our 5-year programme is designed to equip students with appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and behaviours necessary t​​​​o understand and influence factors that affect the health of individuals and of communities. The programme utilizes problem-based learning (PBL) and emphasizes on early clinical contact, with a gradual shift in focus to patient-based learning using evidence-based practice in later years.​

​Key Features

  • Patient-based learning using evidence-based practice
  • Multiple modes of learning and assessment, including use of technology
  • Opportunities to work in clinical teams at AKUH
  • Engagement with urban and rural populations through community-oriented health services
  • Variety of elective/selective courses each year
  • Multiple courses in different areas for broader education, including humanities and social sciences, law and basic finance for doctors
  • Systematic research opportunities in basic, community health and clinical sciences​​​​