21st National Health Sciences Research Symposium​​​

Emergency Care: Time & Life Matter​​​​

This year’s National Health Sciences Research Symposium will highlight the great potential of emergency medicine to act as a model for innovation, research, education and patient-centered care in Pakistan and the region.

Emergency medicine provides immediate treatment to patients with injuries or illnesses. This means a wide scope with no boundaries around age, gender, organ and disease patterns, or other specifications.

This symposium will discuss the challenges and opportunities around integrating emergency medicine into pre- and post-emergency department care in settings with few resources – to share knowledge and expertise that can help provide ‘health for all’.

To create a cross-cutting and multi-disciplinary experience, the conference will bring together national and international specialists in emergency and acute care medicine, disaster medicine, emergency medical services as well as professionals from other disciplines that interface with emergency care. These include the basic and social sciences, nursing, allied health, psychiatry, paediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, anaesthesiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, diagnostic radiology, laboratory medicine, and public and community health. ​

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with leading professionals, network with like-minded people, promote research ideas, share creative and innovative strategies whilst attending several scientific tracks.

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