​Department of Surgery​

An Integrated Team with the Combined Talents of a Major Medical Center

The Department of Surgery offers extensive academic programmes for medical students, interns, residents and fellows. Our ten residency and four fellowship programmes provide a comprehensive learning experience in surgical disciplines taught through clinical and didactic sessions.  

Our academic mission is to train the next generation of surgical leaders and to advance the field of surgery through translational research. We work towards the mission by integrating education and research with clinical services, entailing a full range of surgical treatments including cutting-edge techniques, minimally invasive surgery and state-of-the-art procedures.​

​Residency Programmes at the Department of Surgery provide residents with the range and depth of academic experience and academic exposure required to develop superior surgical skills and an ability to make mature, informed, independent judgments. Graduates of the programme are expected to be superior general specialists. For surgeons or surgery, this level of capability is attained through a programme that offers extensive clinical exposure at every level of training.​​​

​Hospital services provided by the Department of Surgery: Read more..​​​


Clinical and basic science research is a major focus of the Department. The research aims to ultimately improve patient care and the teaching of medicine, in accordance with the three-part mission of Aga Khan University. The surgical faculty and residents are involved in diverse clinical and laboratory research projects, with local funding from Aga Khan University as well as external funding primarily from Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. Several residents and faculty have received the best paper awards at national and international conferences.​


Improve Quality of Life through cutting edge Surgical Care, Research, and Education


  • Clinical

To provide innovative, ethical, and cost-effective, surgical solutions while maintaining a people-centered approach

  • Research

To enhance human capacity by discovery, dissemination, and application of translational surgical research

  • Education

To develop and nurture skilled academic surgeons, learners, and allied health professionals dedicated to creating societal impact


The Department of Surgery adheres to the institutional values of IQRA (Impact, Quality, Relevance, and Access)

 In addition to those key values, we share core beliefs in:

  • Innovation

  • Ethics

  • Trust

  • Teamwork

  • Excellence