Programmes and Courses

The following graduate programmes and courses are offered under the Health Professions Education (HPE) Programme:

Master of Health Professions Education and Advanced Diploma in Health Professions Education:

The Master of Health Professions Education and the Advanced Diploma in Health Professions Education are designed to develop excellent teachers, innovators and researchers as well as leaders in health professions education who will know how to use best evidence medical education to make informed decisions for improving the standards of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing health professions education in Pakistan and abroad. 

Pre-Requisite: Introductory Short Course in Health Professions Education

The Introductory Short Course in Health Professions Education (ISC-HPE) is a pre-requisite for all other courses offered by the Department for Educational Development, including the Advanced Diploma in Health Professions Education and Master of Health Professions Education. The course introduces participants to educational philosophies supporting HPE globally, and innovative teaching learning strategies and pitfalls in assessment. Read more about ISC-HPE here.

Advanced Level Courses in Health Professions Education

The Advanced Level Courses (ALCs) aim to provide in-depth knowledge and skills in defined areas, and ensure undertaking review of literature and problem-solving by each participant, based on current best evidence.The ALCs are not offered in any particular order and are complete in themselves. Participants may take one or two according to their area of interest and receive certificates for the respective courses. The courses may be taken in a sequence convenient to the participant, as long as a total duration of four years is not exceeded.

Additional Required Courses in Health Professions Education

The Additional Required Courses (ARCs) courses below are essential for Master of HPE programme. However they can be taken as stand-alone courses by interested participants after the completion of ISC-HPE.