​Elective Programme

Important: We ar​e currently not​ accepting applications until further notice.

​Aga Khan University Medical College accepts applications for electives from national and international medical students. Students, in their high school, interested to pursue medicine as their career may also apply.

General Information

  • ​Clerkships are four weeks long and are available to full time students in good academic standing.
  • Student must meet the eligibility criteria to be eligible for desired rotation.
  • Students remain registered at their own schools while participating in elective rotations at Aga Khan University.
  • We will consider only one application for a month, once you are scheduled for a clerkship, no changes in the electives are allowed. If you are not scheduled, you cannot submit additional elective choices for the same month.
  • Students who have applied for elective will be notified one month prior to the elective period.
  • It is important to keep Elective Office updated with your current mailing address and contact home telephone number or email address.
  • ​At the conclusion of the elective, concerned faculty will evaluate students.  Additionally, students will be required to submit a comprehensive report on the training/research undertaken, to the Elective Office.