​Master of Science in Health Policy and Management

The two-year MSc in Health Policy and Management is a pioneering programme in Pakistan. The programme:

  • offers high quality education with a blend of theory and practice
  • is relevant to developing countries grappling with rapid population growth and triple diseases burden, yet determined to achieve Universal Health Coverage
  • specifically addresses the issues of countries having mixed health systems and facing the problems of coordination, access and quality of health care services
  • is designed to train professionals from developing countries to address the challenges in various domains of health system environment including health planning, policy analysis, institutional management and health systems research and development

The programme is recognized by the Higher Education Commission and is accredited by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and according to PMDC regulations provides a Type II-B degree which is the most advanced level of master’s degree in Pakistan. 

The programme can be taken up on a full-time (2 years) or part-time basis (3-4 years) with classes running on the afternoons on weekdays allowing professionals to attend to their daily work. Occasionally, classes will be extended to limited hours on Saturdays or mornings.​​



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​As we gear up to fight this pandem​ic, we are encouraging student enrolment more than ever based on our principles of impact and accessibility.​ Our faculty have also added components of COVID-19 into the coursework! Apply to our Masters’ programmes NOW and be a part of the change.​​