Advanced Level Course on Leadership (ALC-L) in Health Professions Education (HPE)

The aim of the course is to focus on increased understanding of leadership issues and its effect on strategic management nationally, regionally and globally focusing on how to address these issues.

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Course Description

The Advanced Level Course on Leadership in HPE focuses on increased understanding of leadership issues with emphasis on relating leadership theories, approaches and frameworks for problem-resolution to strategic planning for academic and/or organizational change.


ALC-L is a core course for those admitted into the Advanc​ed ​​Diploma in HPE and M​HPE programme it is also op​en to all health care professionals in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Allied Health with a proven interest/responsibility in Health Professions Education (HPE) and at least two-years teaching experience in HPE and/or other candidates with the eligibility criteria.

See the selection criteria here

(Selection is purely merit based. Acceptance in the course will  be based on the number of seats available)

Pre requisite

Introductory Short Course in Health Professions Education (ISC-HPE)

Course credits



This is a seven-week course from January to March 2017.

  • Three-week part-time pre-reading

  • One-week full-tim​​e interactive sessions (January 16 - 21, 2017)

  • Three-week part-time independent study and written assignment completion​

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be a​​ble to:

  • identify important leadership challenges at programmatic, institutional, or national level;

  • develop a vision and mission statement for an educational programme and/or leadership challenge at the organization level;

  • develop a strategic plan for the stated mission;

  • analyze and evaluate their own and others' management and leadership practices;

  • analyze literature and research evidence from a range of sources to identify what others have done for the leadership challenge and what works and what does not;

  • apply theories of leadership in developing a solution and plan of action;

  • relate the different leadership approaches to the different organizational frames;

  • analyze different leadership approaches with their strengths and limitations;

  • critically analyze the leadership challenge through different organizational frameworks;

  • develop an implementation plan using the different leadership approaches and organizational frames.


The assessment in this course is divided into the following two components which have to be passed separately.

  • In the contact period component, assessment will be through:
    • continuous observation of the participation and contributions, individual and group assignments/presentations, end of the course assessment

  • In the distance learning component, assessment will be based on completion and grading of an application based independent study and written assignment using best evidence medical education (BEME).

For satisfactory completion of the course requirements, student has to attain at least 55% scores in continuous assessment and the written assignments independently, with an overall aggregate of 60%.

Educational Strategies

The course is highly participatory, offered through interactive plenaries, individual and group case-based presentations, on-line and small group activities. It also uses online faculty support for independent study and written assignment. There is special emphasis on critically thinking, problem-solving and decision-making through case-based learning approaches.

Course Fee

Local participants: Rs 37,000 per person
International participants: US $ 630 per person


Dr Syeda Kauser Ali
Programme Director, MHPE

Dr Rukhsana W. Zuberi​
Course Director

Dr Tabassum Zehra

Course Co Director

Dr Shazia Babar​
Course Coordinator

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Mr Aslam Nathwani
Associate, MHPE Programme
Tel: 92 21 3486 2419
Mr. Meeran Ayaz
Secretary, MHPE Programme
Tel: 92 21 3486 2419

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