​D​epartment of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine​

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at The Aga Khan University is a dynamic academic centre which serves the diagnostic needs of the country through its clinical laboratory services that spreads across Pakistan. The department is heavily engaged in undergraduate, postgraduate and technologist training programmes. It provides professional training for degrees in four major areas of Pathology (Chemical Pathology, Haematology, Histopathology, and Microbiology). Currently, there are 63​ Faculty members, including part time, visiting faculty members, and ​​31 residents.​​​

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Message from the Chair
Pathology is a hi​​​​ghly specialized field of medical discipline that engages in patient management to establish diagnosis through specialized laboratory testing and advices on treatment modalities.
Message from the Chair Prof Erum Khan

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Residents cleared IMM examination in their respective sections​​. ​V​iew more​​​​

Launch of Newborn Screening Program for Sel​ected Inherited Metabolic Disorders. Vie​​w more​​

10 Year Appreciation of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine sta​ff. View more​​

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​To me every day was just the same day. I didn't realize the importance of Blue Mondays and every other day till I Joined AKU back in 2018, I realized that every single day is actually very important.​​ Read Mo​r​​e


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Mahek Anwar ​Ali, Associate

​Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicince​