​Department of Continuing Professional Education

The Department of Continuing Professional Education offers a variety of credit and certificate courses, professional development programs and conferences, designed to help physicians improve their skills as well as re-credentialise themselves. ​​

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of the Department of Continuing Professional Education (DCPE) is to promote collaborative and Inter-professional education efforts that provide physicians, nurses and other health care professionals with educational opportunities that improve clinical knowledge, enhance competence and the ability to provide excellent patient care, which ultimately improves patient health outcomes.

Content Areas 
We design and implement evidence-based continuing medical eduaction/ continuing professional education activities based on identified needs in selected therapeutic areas, determined by a formal needs assessment. Topics, formats, and educational objectives are designed to improve proficiency and competencies and are guided by data collected from medical staff committees, the department's Continuing Education executive committee, members of the medical staff, Quality Improvement, Infection Control, Patient Safety, medical staff surveys, national trend data and input from AKU leadership.

Target Audience 
Our activities are d​esigned to meet the interdisciplinary and professional needs of practicing physicians, pharmacists, advanced practice clinicians, nurses, social workers, clinical nutritionists, respiratory therapists, other healthcare providers, allied healthcare professionals and administrators as determined by the identified professional practice gaps and underlying educational needs of an activity.

Types of Activities 
Our activities utilize current technologies and methodologies appropriate for adult learners in a variety of formats including but not limited to: regularly scheduled series, quality improvement and quality assurance case-based activities, symposia and conferences, recurring courses, panel discussion, hands-on laboratory & simulation, interactive workshops, written enduring materials, video enduring materials, web-based enduring materials and other digital formats, and performance improvement based activities. We select education formats and design our instruction based upon the needs and preferences of our learners and the outcomes that we strive to achieve.

​Expected Results 
We are committed to clearly linking the identified needs with measured change in knowledge, competence and when appropriate, change in performance and patient health. We expect our learners to report greater confidence in their abilities to manage the clinical conditions of their patients, and provide quality care aimed at improving patient outcomes.​​​

​Contact Us

Call: 021-34862168

Email: dcpe@aku.edu​