​Continuous Faculty Development Programmes in Health Professions Education (CFDP-HPE)

The Department for Educational Development (DED), Aga Khan University (AKU) is committed to excellence through development, improvement, review and innovation of educational activities based on sound educational philosophies. One of DED’s main functions is Continuous Faculty Development for improved Health Professions Education (HPE) faculty. DED strives to achieve this by introducing philosophical underpinnings and promoting excellence in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education through academic programmes, courses and other faculty development initiatives. This includes Introductory Short Course in Health Professions Education which is mandatory for all newly inducted faculty, Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) programme which aims to develop educators, researchers and leaders in HPE, Standalone Advance Level Courses and Education Grand Rounds.  DED also conducts Residents as Educators Programme (REP) for capacity building of residents in HPE.

Under the initiative of Continuous Faculty Development Programme, need based workshops and retreats are also offered for capacity building of faculty members in Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Curriculum Development. This includes

  • Mini Clinical Examination Exercise (Mini CEX)
  • Construction of High Quality One Best Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Short Answer Questions (SAQs)
  • Direct Observation of Procedural Skills
  • Standard setting of Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skills (OSATS)
  • PBL Facilitation Skills Workshop
  • Extended Matching Questions
  • Reliability and Validity of Assessment
  • Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy & level of competency and Competency Based Assessment
  • Annual Mega Retreat for review of test items
  • Monthly Question Review sessions

DED now initiates regular series of Faculty Development workshops (FDW-HPE), for Faculty from Medical and Dental Colleges, School of Nursing and Midwifery and Allied Health.

Faculty Development Workshop Series