Academic Programmes

The Department of Surgery has academic programmes in the following sections:

Professor Far​hat Moazam’s Surgical Grand Rounds

The Surgical Grand Round is a key weekly educational activity of the Department of Surgery. Initiated in the 1980s as a part of the Hospital Grand Rounds it has progressed from a case discussion forum to a presentation of high-calibre research projects conducted by residents under the supervision of faculty. Presenters are primarily the residents, with provision for guest lectures and invited talks by faculty.

The purpose of this educational activity is to provide a forum for scientific debate and discourse amongst the surgical fraternity. The residents learn to prepare, present and defend their scientific work in front of their peers and faculty. It shapes and sharpens their public speaking skills and ability to handle questions and critique.

The Grand Rounds Committee is responsible for managing the Surgical Grand Rounds. The committee comprises faculty and residents and reports to the Chair, of the Department of Surgery.​