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Neurosurgery encompasses pathologies of the brain and spinal cord which may have potential surgical treatment. We provide care and services for all neurosurgical subspecialties including cranial and spinal trauma, degenerative spine, paediatrics, neuro-oncology, and vascular and functional neurosurgery. Our vibrant faculty and staff are experienced to manage and treat these conditions. Since we are an academic centre, the team also includes fellows, residents, and interns who are provided with an opportunity to get trained at one of the best neurosurgery centres in the country. We are the only centre in Pakistan that has all the latest technology available to aid in surgical treatment including neuro-navigation, tractography, exoscope, intra-operative electrophysiological monitoring, endoscope, and microscope.
At present all kinds of cranial and spinal cases are being performed by neurosurgery services. There are multiple faculty members trained in different parts of the world. The volume of patients is increasing each year. Neurosurgical practice is evidence-based. Neurosurgery is among the sections of the department of surgery with a high output of research papers published both in national and international journals. There is a structured teaching schedule for the residents spread all over the week. Alumni of the neurosurgery residency program are working both at the national and international levels. All this sets an environment of good quality exposure for a neurosurgery trainee.

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In Pakistan, there are about 300 qualified neurosurgeons. The section of Neurosurgery at the Aga Khan University hospital initiated started residency program in 1998. Since then, 28 residents have graduated from the program. The training program in Neurosurgery at AKU has been designed following the training requirements of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP). The neurosurgeons trained at AKU work in different parts of the country and abroad, most of them at academic centres.


Undergraduate teaching


Neurosurgery is not a mandatory undergraduate rotation, although, over the years, it has grown in popularity amongst medical students outside Aga Khan University for elective and selective rotations. The student who chooses neurosurgery works closely with the residents and attends as an integral team member. The residents have responsibility for teaching these students and interns. These interactions with students are an essential guide to mentoring the residents.

Postgraduate teaching

Internship programme

An internship is available in the section of Neurosurgery. There is extensive clinical experience, in the wards, in the operating room, and in the clinic. The interns attend conferences and rounds with the residents and attendings. Three to four interns rotate through Neurosurgery every cycle for two to three months each. Attention is given to educating these interns in evaluating and managing Neurosurgery problems, including didactic sessions.

Residency programme

The Neurosurgery Residency Program is a competency-based structured program spread over six years. The program has been designed following the training requirements of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. There is a gradual supervised exposure to various aspects of patient care. Generally, initial two years the residents are disbursed and assigned in learning the core principles of general surgery including perioperative care. At senior levels, there is gradual exposure to daycare procedures progressing to major surgeries in neurosurgery. The Neurosurgery's residency programme can be checked on the following link: Residency-Neurosurgery | MC, Pakistan | The Aga Khan University (aku.edu). ​

Fellowship programme

The fellowship programme at AKU is the first specialized, Surgical Neuro-oncology fellowship in Pakistan. It is a one-year program and is facilitated by the senior faculty and supported by the Department of Surgery, Oncology, and Radiology. Rotations in the programme give fellows exposure to Surgical Neuro-oncology. The association with Oncology and Radiology provides a unique opportunity to enhance skills and give the fellows ample experience in multidisciplinary specialities crucial for complex Neuro-oncology cases. Additionally, a one-month external rotation is arranged to provide insight into international developments.​

​Regular Academic Activities

  • Complex spine meetings on Mondays
  • Clinical anatomy and operative approaches
  • Journal Club
  • Neuro radiology meeting
  • Surgery grand round 
  • Neuroscience meetings on Thursdays
  • Neuro-oncology tumor boards meeting
  • Morbidity &Mortality (M&M) Meeting
  • Lectures and workshops by PGME
  • CPSP Workshops
  • Academic Events

Academic events (Workshop, Symposium & Conference) ​

  • Neuro-Oncology Webinar Series
  • Neuroscience Webinar Series
  • Neuroradiology Lecture Series
  • Operative Neuroanatomy Review Lecture
  • Pakistan Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board
  • Complex Spine Review
  • Neurosurgery Bootcamp
  • Symposium Brain Tumors
  • Brain Tumor Surgery Lab Workshop
  • Essentials of Neuroscience Course (ENC)
  • Annual Neuro-Oncology Symposium  
  • Annual Neuroscience Conference
  • Neurosurgery Review Course
  • Neurosurgery Journal Club
  • Clinical Neuroscience Case Conference 

 AKU Neurosurgery in Media


Neurosurgery at Aga Khan University Hospital promotes high-quality, ethical research compliant with international standards. Before conducting any research, there is a strict departmental review before conducting any research, followed by ethical review committee approval or exemption. Research focuses on oncological disease, quality of life, and cranial and spinal conditions outcomes. The published articles from the section can be checked out on the mentioned link: Section of Neurosurgery | Department of Surgery | Aga Khan University (aku.edu).

Click on the following link to check the Neuro-Oncology group: Neuro-Oncology-Research | MC, Pakistan | The Aga Khan University (aku.edu).​

Contact Information 

  • For administrative offices:                          +9221 3486 4764
  • For academic-related matters:                   +9221 3486 4764​