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The Section of Paediatric Surgery has successfully performed high-risk operations such as the separation of conjoined twins who were joined at the abdomen and were sharing internal organs. Led by our paediatric surgeons, a multi-disciplinary team of over 50 clinical and administrative staff came together to contribute to the success of this extraordinarily complex eight-hour-long surgery.

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Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME)

MBBS students in their fourth year rotate through the Section of Paediatric Surgery. Students attend and participate in paediatric clinics, operating rooms, surgical grand rounds and journal clubs during their rotation. Our dedicated faculty members are involved in highly integrated tutorials for phase II students.​

Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME)

Internship programme 

Our internship programme provides students with exposure to surgical diseases in children. Students become acquainted with the operative aspect of paediatric surgery and also with preoperative and postoperative care.

Residency programme 

Since 2004, the Section of Paediatric surgery has been offering a four-year structured residency programme where residents get involved in and perform various surgical procedures. Eligible candidates must have FCPS-I, two years experience of in basic surgical training and a one-year experience in an internship or house job. The programme offers clinical training in paediatric surgery adherent to the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) requirements. The programme strives to graduate residents who excel as practitioners of paediatric surgery. So far, the programme has graduated 11 residents who are serving in various parts of the country. One resident has achieved the title of Professor. Both the Full-time faculty members are alumni of this programme.

Regular Academic Sessions

  • Pediatric Surgery Journal Club
  • Pediatric Surgery Core Session
  • Pediatric Surgery Grand Round
  • Pediatric Operative Surgery Session
  • Pediatric Surgical Radiology Session and M&Ms 

Academic Events 

  • Pediatric Surgery Laparoscopic Skills Workshop 
  • Pediatric Surgery Colorectal Symposium 
  • Paediatric Surgery Research Symposium
  • Pediatric Acute Surgical Support (PASS) Course
  • Symposium on Pediatric Surgery Pakistan​​​​


The section is actively involved in various research projects and procured the most extensive grant ($76,000 USD) in the Department of Surgery. To find out more: Publications from the Section of Paediatric Surgery.


Administrative office: +92 21 3486 4764

Academic matters: +92 21 3486 4764​