Cardiothoracic Surgery

Undergraduate Medical Education 

Cardiothoracic Surgery receive 3rd, 4th and final year students as elective and selective candidates. Selective students are exclusively from AKU while electives are both AKU and outside AKU students. Its minimum duration is two weeks and maximum is four weeks. 

They are attached to a consultant and shadow him during their duration. They are given objectives of the rotations at the start and provide feedback at the end of the rotation. Usually a small research project is also a part of the objective which is either presented or published.

Internship Programme 
As a basic requirement after MBBS, CTS offers three months internship programme which gives exposure to cardiovascular, thoracic and congenital heart surgeries. This is the only service which involves the interns in cardiac intensive care unit providing them which insight into CVS medicines, concepts and management. The interns are required to present at least one presentation during their rotation. 

Fellowship Programme 
The Section started a fellowship training programme in 2005. According to CPSP requirement, General Surgery FCPS II was required. We were able to train outstanding cardiac surgeons: Dr Mubashir Zareen Khan and Dr Zubair Luqman (currently working as Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at Tabba Heart Institute, Karachi). Later on, CPSP changed the training requirements and allowed a residency in Cardiac Surgery. Entry to the residency programme is now allowed after successful completion of the intermediate module. It is a four year programme which started in Jan 2010. Currently CTS has one 2nd year resident and two 1st year residents. Its special feature is that 1st year resident recruited for basic surgical training will come back to CTS after two years rotation. The week has five dedicated teaching morning rounds along with two days of core curriculum, journal club, quality assurance, and grand rounds.​


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