​Section of Cardiothoracic Surgery

About us

Since its inception in 1994, the Section of Cardiothoracic Surgery has made immense progress both in an increase in the number of procedures as well as a progressive increase in the magnitude of complexity. This is all by the visionary approach of its increasing pool of top-notch faculty listed below bringing together their varied knowledge and experience. The section represents a key member in the Department of Surgery and achieved the status of CPSP accredited Fellowship that later transformed into the Residency Training Programme in Cardiac Surgery.

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​Undergraduate Medical Education


The section trains 3rd-year, 4th-year and 5th-year MBBS students as elective and selective candidates. Selective students are exclusively from AKU, while elective students can be from within or outside AKU. The rotation's duration is spread over two to four weeks. Students are encouraged to partake in all ongoing academic activities and to get involved in research activities. During their rotation, students are supervised by a dedicated faculty member who monitors their assigned tasks and tracks their progress in achieving specific objectives, including mid-rotation and end-of-rotation feedback. Upon completing the rotation, students present their experiences and project findings in a core session. ​

Postgraduate Medical Education

Internship programme​

As an essential requirement after completing an MBBS undergraduate programme, the section offers a three-month internship programme. In addition to exposure to operation theatres, internship candidates are trained in CVS medicines, concepts, critical perioperative patient management skills in the ward, step down, and in a dedicated cardiac intensive care unit. Our interns are required to present at least one presentation during their rotation on the assigned task. 

Residency programme​

The cardiac surgery residency programme is recognised and fully accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP). The programme aims to provide a comprehensive clinical educational experience required to obtain a high level of competence in cardiac surgery. It is divided into two tiers; the four-year programme which inducts trainees directly leading to PGME graduation and towards FCPS in Cardiac Surgery and alternatively, a six-year programme where the first two years are spent in basic surgical training in various subspecialties completing their requirements for Intermediate Module and joining back into the four-year programme.

The programme provides a comprehensive learning experience through clinical and didactic approaches. The three basic rotations for residents over the training course include adult cardiac, paediatric cardiothoracic and general thoracic surgery. A dedicated faculty member is assigned to mentor residents' progress during each rotation through formative assessments. There will always be plenty of cases available to enhance and refine a candidate's cognitive and psychometric skills in a sound ethical frame.

Learn more about the residency programme.​​


The Cardiothoracic surgery research team has firmly established itself as a leading authority in the field of cardiovacular research, with over 4000 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and recognition received globally. The team's groundbreaking invention of the "Pumping heart Stimulator," which recetly received a US Patent, has immense potential to revolutionise medical education.The simulator enable trainees to safely and confidently practice complex surgical procedures in a controlled environment. Additionally, the team's development of a Cardiothoracic database spanning 15 years, the first of it's kind in Pakistan, offers valuable insights into the management of cardiovascular diseases in the region. This resource has the potential to guide clinical decision- making, improve patient care, and inform future research. The team's two books provide a comprehensive overview of their research findings and contribute to the existing knowledge base in the field of cardiovascular surgery. Overall, the team's accomplishments reflect their unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for advancing medical college, with the potential to transform medical education and improve patient outcomes in the field of surgery.

Regular academic activities

·         Core lectures occur every Monday and Thursday with MnM on Tuesdays, departmental surgical grand rounds on Wednesdays, and a journal club on Friday.

·         The wet lab takes place every Saturday. Supervised hands-on practice is carried out on bovine hearts and synthetic materials to enhance psychometric skills to be later translated into safe and independent real-life surgical experiences.


  • ·         PGME conferences

    ·         Cardiac advance life support (CALS) workshop

    ·         Thoracotomy/chest tube insertion

    ·         Research courses and workshops 

    ·         Biannual conferences with the Society of Cardiothoracic and Surgeons in Pakistan

Contact Information 

Administrative offices:

 +9221 3486 4708 

Academic-related matters:    

+9221 3486 4708​