​Message from the Chair​

The Department of Surgery is the cradle of innovative ingenuity, and I am pleased to be leading this department with such colossal potential.

We, at the Department of Surgery, hold the tripartite vision towards excellence in patient care, education, and research – and we take those missions to heart, with the faculty and trainees excelling at every step of the way.

The potential of any episode of surgical care is not limited to one person, but it's a team effort of doctors, frontline staff, leadership, and the driving force to upgrade and improve constantly.

We are in turbulent times in the history of Pakistan with a fluctuating economic front, inflation on the rise, and natural disasters taking their toll. So, as a tertiary care hospital, I find that we are more responsible for bringing out the best responses from ourselves as a leading healthcare facility, and strive for affordable care without any compromise on quality. We have proudly been able to adapt and play critical roles in helping the nation to emerge from these situations and undoubtedly will continue to play a role in the future.

We have a core mission, which is to deliver the best patient care. Our patients deserve the best of us. We are fully dedicated to providing them with quality services through top-notch counselling, detailed examination, best advice, and exclusive surgical care with outstanding outcomes. Similarly, in our research and education missions, we focus on the patient at the centre and strive to create future surgeons with an even better understanding of diagnosis and therapy.

We have the best surgeons, resources, infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research, and innovative cognitive abilities to take this department to new heights. We also offer an astonishing breadth of programs to better help us take care of our patients from the basic to the most complex needs.

Being an AKU alumnus from the class of '92 brings back many fond memories and provides further impetus to give back what this incredible institute gave me. It equipped me with the best teachers and mentors and paved the way for opportunities in the USA. I was fortunate to understand and practice the best surgical developments in the US and education and research methodologies. I wish to return those practices to AKU, like advanced minimally invasive surgery for all ages and seeing pediatric surgery flourish.

Welcome to this department with a rich history of almost 40 years. We believe it will continue to flourish and evolve, take more incredible leaps toward its development goals, and set great examples for others to follow, by God's grace.​​

Prof Saleem Islam
(Diplomate American Board of Surgery and Pediatric Surgery)
Quaid-e-Azam Professor and
Chair, Department of Surgery​