Orthopaedic Surgery

Undergraduate Medical Education

Medical students rotate though orthopaedics for a 4 week period of time, during which they learn Orthopaedic clinical skills and gain knowledge of common musculoskeletal disorders through exposure to clinics, wardsrounds, emergency rooms, and operating rooms.

Postgraduate Medical Education

Internship Programme

Interns rotate for 2 month period of time in Orthopaedics where they learn to clerk Orthopaedic patients. They learn pre-operative and post-operative management of patients. They also participate in management of emergency cases during their 1-in-4 days on call. Apart from other clinical activities they learn skills like Orthopaedic wound management, plaster and splinting technique. They also learn in teaching sessions, and give presentations on topics such as management of fracture, polytrauma, adult respiratory distress syndrome and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Residency Programme

The Orthopaedic residency is a structured training programme. It is one of best residency programmes in the country. Orthopaedic residents are inducted following core training in General Surgery and clearing Intermediate Module from College of Physicians and Surgeons. During training they are imparted various clinical and operative skills along with core knowledge. Orthopaedic residents have a very hectic schedule of clinical assignments in operating room, emergency room and out-patient clinic. They have weekly academic sessions such as Resident’s review, Core curriculum, Radiology, Indication and Morbidity & Mortality meeting. Apart from these, there are monthly academic sessions including Journal club, Tumor board and Orthopaedic City meeting. The graduates of Orthopaedic residency programme are excellent Orthopaedic surgeons who pass their final fellowship exams usually in their first attempt.

Fellowship Programme

Presently the Orthopaedic Section in the Department of Surgery does not offer fellowship training in Orthopaedic subspecialties. However, initiation of following two fellowships is planned for the near future.

  1. Hand and ​Microsurgery

  2. Ilizarov surgery​


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