General Surgery

Undergraduate Medical Education


The section of general surgery is primarily responsible for the clinical rotation of the undergraduate medical students in the department of surgery. The students join the section at Year 3 and Year 5 level and go through a rigorous schedule which helps develop their cognitive and psychomotor skills. The section of general surgery is also responsible for the assessment and annual examination of the students. 

Postgraduate Medical Education

Internship Programme

All the interns coming to AKU have to go through 6 months compulsory rotation in various disciplines of surgery and most of the interns rotate through general surgery for a period of at least 2 months. The interns in general surgery are trained in basic principles of patient care in wards and high dependency areas. They are also trained in basic surgical skills and ethical principles of interaction with patients and their families.

Residency Programme

The residency programme in General Surgery is one of the premier and most sought after postgraduate programme of Aga Khan University. The programme was started in 1988 and so far a number of residents have graduated from the programme. These graduated residents are not only working as qualified faculty in various institutions, but also providing comprehensive care to communities in various parts of Pakistan and also abroad. The training programme spans over a period of 5 years with structured exposure to various aspects of curriculum, ultimately producing highly skilled and compassionate surgeons.

Fellowship Pogramme​

The section of General Surgery provides sub-specialization training in the fields of trauma, breast surgery, vascular surgery and gastrointestinal surgery. The fellowships provide in-depth training in various disciplines of surgery and apart from clinical training, there is huge focus on research and capacity building.​


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