​Section of General Surgery

About us 

The Section of General Surgery has an approach to patient care which is built on a model of coordination across multiple specialities, providing patients with a comprehensive experience that coalesces the best medical advice from a team of experts. The best faculty at the Section of Breast Surgery shows our commitment to training the next experts in academic surgery and to developing the knowledge and techniques that drive advancements for the future.​


​Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is also a part of the Section of General Surgery and to know more about it please click on the mentioned link: Plastic Surgery. The competent plastic surgeons perform surgeries pertinent to their extraordinary skills and we welcome you to click through the diverse surgeries they perform by clicking on the link to read more: Facelift/ Liposuction/​Skin grafting for primary burn/​Cleft lip-Cleft Palate.​​​