Section of Otolaryngology​


In the Section of Otolaryngology we carry out various surgeries and they can be checked in the tabs by clicking on the links as mentioned: Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat (​

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Undergraduate teaching


It is rated one of the best undergraduate programmes in the university.  The programme has a structured teaching schedule.  The section has received outstanding teaching awards.  Phase I students rotate in the section for clerkship which helps to develop an understanding of otolaryngological diseases and improve their clinical skills. 

Postgraduate teaching

Internship programme

The section accepts two interns from PGME for two months cycle.  They have the opportunity to develop their clinical skills and take part in all academic activities of the section. 

Residency programme

The section of Otorhinolaryngology offers a five-year structured residency programme. The residency is organized to provide an advancing educational experience with increasing responsibility over a five-year period to develop medical judgment, surgical skills, and competence. The training programme consists of formal teaching and clinical experiences on assigned rotations.  It is rated one of the best-structured residency programmes in the country where residents are exposed not only to general otolaryngology but also Head & Neck Oncological Surgeries and reconstructions. Residents here are lucky to be exposed to the cochlear implant programme which is one of its kind in the country. Residency-Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery | MC, Pakistan | Aga Khan University (​​

Regular academic activities

  • Sessions are conducted on Monday mornings, where residents carry out presentations

  • A weekly session of Journal club on Thursday mornings

  • Once a month, morbidity, and mortality meeting

  • Head and Neck tumor boards are held weekly on Monday afternoons

  • Once a month DRC meeting

  • A monthly conference on Research named RPM (Research progress meeting) 

Academic events (Workshop, Symposium & Conference)

  • Tracheostomy Workshop

  • Pediatric Airway Surgery Course

  • Surgical Airway Management

  • Thyroid Ultrasound Workshop

  • Voxel-Man Simulator Workshop

  • Temporal Bone Workshop ​​


​The Sections work extensively on research and their publications can be found on the mentioned link:

​Contact Information 

For administrative office:                                       +9221 3486 1148
For academic-related matters:                             +92 21 3486 1148​​​​​