​​Deans and Officers

The day-to-day activities, both academic and administrative, of Aga Khan University are overseen by the President and a number of key university officers.

Dr. Carl A​mrhein

Provost and Vice President, Academic

He joined as AKU’s Provost and Vice President, Academic on October 8, 2017.​
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Mr. Navroz Surani

Interim Vice President, Human Resources​​​​​​

The Vice President of Human Resources (VPHR) will provide strategic human resource leadership and development for Aga Khan University as it continues to grow geographically and expand its programmes.​
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Ms. Shagufta Hassan

Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer​​​​

As Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer for the Aga Khan University (AKU), Ms. Hassan oversees all financial affairs of the University and its healthcare system across six countries. She is responsible for the University's operational and financial strategy, planning and budgeting, accounting, audit, and treasury functions.​
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Dr. Anjum Halai

Vice Provost, Asia and UK and Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The Vice Provost of University responsible to develop and operationalize strategies to achieve the academic plans and programmes within the geographic domain.
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Dr. Tashmin Khamis

Vice Provost, Quality, Teaching and Learning​​​​​​

She is responsible for the professional educational development for faculty across all disciplines including on teaching with technology.
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Dr. Laila Akbarali

Interim Vice Provost, Student Affairs and Services & University Registrar​​​​

In early 2020, the University created the Office of Student Affairs and Services to bring a number of student services,​ under a single, University-wide, operation.
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Dr. Peter Gatiti

Associate Vice-Provost & University Librarian​​​​

He oversees University global network of 12 libraries dispersed in 6 countries on 3 continents situated on the diverse campuses in Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the UK.
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​Ms.​ Farzana Karim-Haji

Associate Vice Provost, Global Engagement

She works on strategic planning and development of University's emergi​​ng international projects in Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
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Dr. Zul Merali

Founding Director, Brain and Mind Institute

He is a neuroscientist and pharmacologist by training (McGill University, University of Ottawa and Wharton), with over 40 years of academic engagement.
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Professor Stephen Lyon​

Inaugural Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Pakistan

Professor Lyon provides the strategic direction, in collaboration with the Provost, and is responsible for the curriculum, management and implementation of the programme, promoting the University, and facilitating relationships with supporters, and key stakeholders of the programme.
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Professor Nancy Booker

Associate Professor and Interim Dean, Graduate School of Media and Communications​​​​

Ms Nancy Booker is an Associate Professor and the Interim Dean at the Graduate School of Media and Communications.
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Dr. Farid Panjwani

Dean, Institute for Educational Development, Pakistan​​​​

Dr Panjwani is driven to improve the quality of education, particularly in developing countries and in Muslim contexts.​ 
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Dr. Jane Rarieya

Interim Dean, Institute for Educational Development, East Africa

The Dean of Institute for Educational Development, East Africa is responsible for the leadership, operation and management of the Institute.
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Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta

Founding Director, Institute for Global Health and Development

He has successfully collaborated with major multi-national and bilateral agencies, and governments on policy, research and knowledge transfer-based interventions aimed at improving the health and welfare of children and families..
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Dr. ​Leif Stenberg

Dean, Institute for the St​udy of Muslim Civilizations​​​​​​

Dr Stenberg received his PhD in Islamic Studies from the Lund University, Sweden in 1996 with the publication of his award-winning thesis entitled 'The Islamization of Science: Four Muslim Positions Developing an Islamic Modernity". ​
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Dr. Adil H. Haider

Dean, Medical College, Pakistan​​​​

Dr Adil H. Haider is an alumnus of AKU’s MBBS programme, and also holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
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Dr. Lukoye Atwoli

Dean, Medical College, East Africa

Dr Atwoli is a Professor in Psychiatry with extensive leadership, teaching, and academic research experience.
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Dr Tazeen Saeed Ali

Interim Dean, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan​

Dr Tazeen Saeed Ali currently serves as Interim Dean, the Shakur Jamal Endowed Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Innovation at AKU-SONAM, Pakistan, with a joint appointment as faculty member at the Department of Community Health Sciences, AKU Medical College. 

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Dr. Eunice Ndirangu

Dean, School of Nursing and Midwifery, East Africa​​​​

Dr Eunice Ndirangu-Mugo joined the Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery, East Africa (AKU-SONAM EA) in 2006 as an Assistant Lecturer. Since then, she has worked as a Senior Instructor, Academic Head and Interim Dean, before being confirmed as the Dean in 2020. 

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Professor Amina Abubakar

​Director​, Institute for Human Development​​​​

Amina Abubakar is a full Professor and Director for the Institute for Human Development.
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Professor Charles Docherty​

Global Director, Centre for Innovation in Medical ​Education​​​​

Professor Docherty is directing simulation developments in Nairobi and Kampala campuses creating a unique 'ONE CIME' in three international locations, with a possible fourth centre in Dar es Salaam soon to be added.
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Dr. Shehzad Jeeva

Chief Executive Officer, Exam​ina​tion Board​​​​

The Chief Executive Officer​, Examination Board is responsible for promoting quality education in schools through examinations for secondary school and higher secondary school levels, training of teachers, and development of supplementary materials.
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Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan

Chief Information Officer​​​​

Shaukat Ali Khan is responsible for all ICT systems and services across University's global portfolio of Hospitals, Medical Centers and University locations in Asia, Africa and United Kingdom.​
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​​Mr. Nadeem Mustafa Khan

Senior Advisor, VP Health Services Office​​​

Mr Khan is responsible for coordinating strategies and actions relating to French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children in Kabul, Afghanistan as well as assist in new projects in healthcare.
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Mr. Sohail Kassamali

Chief of Staff​

​​The Chief of Staff is a key member of the President's leadership team and provides leadership and operational oversight to the Office of the President in fulfilling the University's mission and goals.​

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