​University Research Council

Spearheading the vision to enhance the university's research profile

Chair: Dr Anjum Halai

Approved and endorsed by the BoT in 1998, the University Research Council carries forward and supports the research mission of AKU by:

  • Developing the University's research focus via a thematic approach

  • Monitoring of research integrity

  • Developing research policies and guidelines

  • Conducting an annual review of research activities.

Given the diverse geographical positions of AKU, the URC ensures that research-related policies are applicable across all campuses.

The URC has a number of standing committees to accomplish its tasks. These are as follows:

  • Grants Review Committee (global)
  • Committees for Ethics Review in Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania and United Kingdom

  • Ethics Committee for Animal Care and Use in Pakistan

  • Health and Safety Committees (under development)

University Research Council Members 


Representatives of Constituencies:

  • Dr Afia Zafar (Chair, Grants Review Committee), Professor of Microbiology (Pakistan)
  • Dr Anwar Ali Siddiqui, Director, ORGS &  Professor of Biochemistry (Pakistan)
  • Dr Mohammed Wasay, Professor of Neurology, Department of Medicine (Pakistan)
  • Dr Stephane Pradines, Associate Professor, AKU-ISMC (United Kingdom)
  • Dr Anjum Halai, Professor & Head Research, AKU-IED (East Africa)
  • Dr William Macharia, Professor & Chair, Department of Paediatrics (East Africa)
  • Dr Sadia Bhutta, Assistant Professor & Head Research & Policy, AKU-IED (Pakistan)
  • Dr Syed Asad Ali, Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics & Child Health (Pakistan)
  • Dr Zafar Fatmi, Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences (Pakistan)
  • Dr Alex O. Awiti, Director, East African Institute (East Africa)

​For queries related to the University Research Council, please contact

Jack Fernandes | Secretary, URC

Assistant Manager, Research Office​