Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Providing services to advance research

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies is the central coordination entity wh​ich supports the overall vision of the University to conduct research that contributes to the global body of knowledge and advances public policy in response to the real needs of communities and people in the developing world.​​​

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Office of Sponsored Research (OSR)
Provides pre-award and post-award services to AKU faculty, staff and students.
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Research Office (RO)

Develops and maintains resources and guidelines to ensure highest quality of AKU research projects.

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Ethics & Integrity (EI)
Ensures compliance of research work at AKU with national and international standards of ethics.
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Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (ORIC)

Offers services for patenting and commercialisation of research products.

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Office of Graduate Studies (OGS)
Administers graduate policies for efficient running of the programme.