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​In so many ways, the Aga Khan University is a powerful force for good. 

Here, talented young women and men receive a life-changing education that prepares them to succeed in the global knowledge economy, to lead change at home and abroad and to collaborate with others in a diverse world. 

AKU’s cutting-edge research, innovation and practice are helping to address crucial problems facing Africa and Asia, including maternal and child mortality, pandemic diseases, gender inequality and the s​hortage of high-quality primary and secondary education. 

Every year, approximately 2 million people rely on our hospitals and health centres for everything from primary care to neurosurgery.

In all of the regions in which we work, AKU strives to meet international standards of excellence in higher education and health care delivery – and to inspire other organizations to do likewise. At the same time, we provide millions of dollars in patient welfare and financial assistance to ensure that cost does not prevent access to our hospitals and academic programmes.​

In an era of division, AKU works to increase understanding and collaboration across borders and boundaries of all kinds. We have a long record of successfully partnering with world-renowned universities, leading global institutions and local and national governments. 

For all these reasons, and for many others, I am proud to serve as President of the Aga Khan University. ​​


Dr Sulaiman Shahabuddin
President and Vice-Chancellor​

Global Convocation

Standing here on Stadium Road, I can't help but recall that this campus was once a dusty plot of land on the outskirts of Karachi. Look at it now! We can take a desert and make it bloom – with intellect, optimism, and our brilliant green and gold," said AKU President Sulaiman Shahabuddin.

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​​AKU’s Inaugural Founder’s Day

Happy Founder's Day! Today, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Aga Khan University and commemorate the vision of our Chancellor, His Highness the Aga Khan.​

International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, AKU President Sulaiman Shahabuddin announces the intention of a new department at AKU, focusing on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.​​​

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About President Dr Sulaiman Shahabuddin
Dr Sulaiman Shahabuddin is the third President of Aga Khan University, arriving in late 2021.

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