Dr Laila Akbarali

Interim Vice Provost, Student Affairs and Services & University Registrar

Laila Akbarali.jpg

In early 2020, the University created the Office of Student Affairs and Services to bring a number of student services, including the Registrar’s Office, Office of the Dean of Students, the Student Experience operations in East Africa, and the Hostels, under a single, University-wide, operation. This reorganization was to ensure that registrarial, student experience and academic support services continue to play a significant role in the life of the University. Dr Laila Akbarali was appointed to serve as the Interim Vice Provost and the University Registrar. 

Laila has been with the University since 1985 and through these years has been instrumental in building student outreach efforts and student experience across all programmes during her more than 30 years at the University.

Laila holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Institute of Business Administration), a Master of Arts in Education Management (University of Warwick) and a Doctor of Education (University College London).

As Vice Provost and University Registrar, Laila has responsibilities across the five countries served by AKU for strengthening the overall student experience; mental health and wellbeing services for students; academic quality assurance and administration, including policy development, programme planning and approval, accreditation and regulatory compliance with various government and regulatory agencies, academic space utilisation, the academic secretariat and ensuring that AKU's standards for admission, enrolment and academic progression and graduation are safeguarded.​ In addition, she is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Registrar's Offices in Pakistan, East Africa and the UK, including the integrity of student records, the maintenance of the student information database and course repository, enrolment management, the issuing of transcripts and the University's convocation ceremonies.​​​