Ethics Review Committees

The Ethics Review Committees (ERCs) are responsible to provide rigorous, relevant and timely review of the applications received within the different country contexts. The ERCs are sub-committees of the Ethics Review Board (ERB) and shall report to the Board on a quarterly basis.  However, they will be entitled to make decisions on the ethical review applications and all related issues directly without prior ratification of the ERB. The ERB will reserve the right to review and audit the functioning of ERCs as appropriate. The ERB reports to the University Research Council (URC).

Provided below is the information about all the ERCs at AKU and the guidelines for applicants.  The guidelines are compliant with the AKU Ethics Review Policy approved by the URC and also take into account the country-specific requirements as appropriate.

Note: Ethics clearance for student’s research (Masters and below) will be carried by the ethics committee under the entity.

Guidelines for Ethics Review Committee, Pakistan:

ERC 1 - Chair: Dr Khabir Ahmad
ERC 2 - Chair: Prof Jamsheer Talati
ERC 3 - Chair: Dr Rehana Siddiqui  
ERC 4 - Chair: Dr Fyezah Jehan 
Secretary: Sana Pirani and Saima Ejaz

Guidelines for Ethics Rev iew Committee, Kenya

Secretary: Kamanda Ciru

Guidelines for Ethics Review Committee, Tanzania: Applications are c urrently accepted by email.

Secretary: Rosemary Stephen

Guidelines for Ethics Review Committee - Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (Global): Applications from IHD, GSMC, EAI, SoTL, IED (EA & P) and ISMC (UK) are currently submitted by email.

Secretary: Dr Misbah Mannan

Guidelines for Ethics Committee f or Animal Care and Use, Pakistan : Applications are currently accepted by email.

Secretary: Saima Ejaz