Dr Shehzad Jeeva

Chief Executive Officer, Examination Board

Chairman, National Steering Committee of Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Ministry of Federal Education, Government of Pakistan

The Chief Executive Officer​, Examination Board is responsible for promoting quality education in schools through examinations for secondary school and higher secondary school levels, training of teachers, and development of supplementary materials. This includes designing and offering high quality public examinations based on the national curriculum for secondary and higher secondary education, promoting effective educational assessment and tests in Pakistan, and establishing policies and procedures for the con​duct of e​​xaminations through a participative process with schools.

Founded in 2003, the work of the AKU-EB has been recognized​ by the UK National Foundation for Education Research for its impact in the area of school leaving examinations and curriculum. In this next phase of development, the AKU-EB is being led by an educator, Dr Jeeva, who will oversee a team of experts in assessment, curriculum, teacher training, operations and business development.​

Dr Jeeva obtained his Bachelor of Scienc​e in Chemistry (with honors) at the University of Karachi in 1999, where he was awarded the Best Young Chemist Award. He earned his MS in Organic Chemistry from the University of Karachi in 2000 and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge in 2007, where he received the Toby Jackman Prize for the most outstanding PhD thesis. Subsequently, he was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of York, UK and McGill University, Canada before returning to Pakistan.  He is well known​​ for his work in science education. 

​Dr Jeeva has a joint appointment with the new AKU Faculty of Arts and Sciences and he works closely with the AKU Institute for Educational Development in the area of science education.​