​Core Facilities 

​Over the p​ast decade, the Aga Khan University has i​nvested considerably in laboratories and various units to facilitate research work. At multiple facilities around the campus, researchers are engaged in a wide range of projects which bring forth new knowledge and contribute to resolving health related problems. These facilities also serve as a breeding ground for young researchers who work with modern state-of-the-art equipment and help serve various research teams nationally and internationally. ​

In the coming years, AKU hopes to continue devoting much of its resouces to the development and fostering of internationally competitive quality research, focusing on local challenges which have global relevance. 

Animal House

Developed in line with international standards, the animal house at AKU is equipped with noise proofing, species-specific temperature control, air partition curtains to protect staff from allergens, the capacity to perform survival surgery and more.

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Juma Research Laboratory

​​The Research Laboratory at Juma Building has been a key feature of the University infrastructure for research since 1999. At any given time, teams of energetic and dedicated researchers work in various areas.​

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Clinical Trials Unit​​

To cater to the changing needs and global trends, in 2011, the Aga Khan University opened doors to the Clinical Trials Unit, a state-of-the-art facility that offers a full spectrum of core and supporting administrative services to local researchers.

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Clinical Research Unit​

​​The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is a core facility of the Aga Khan University Cancer Centre- Experimental Therapeutics program and has been established in line with AKU’s clinical and translational research agenda.

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