The Aga Khan University Uganda is a private, autonomous and self-governing international university, which provides higher education in several disciplines. It is both a model of academic excellence and an agent of social change and operates on the core principles of quality, relevance, impact and access.

We are committed to offering a coordinated response to the increasing need for health sector reform and personnel in Uganda and as such, we equip our students with high professional skills, good ethics and devoted intellectual ideas that contribute to professional advancement in the country. Our programmes are well-formalised for undergraduate degrees for nurses and midwives in Uganda. Additionally, our programmes are based on a work-study format which enables students to continue with practice as they learn.

With our broad offering of programmes, the University aims to improve nursing and midwifery education, policy, practice and research to improve patient care in Uganda as well as East Africa.

We have various partnerships in place to ensure that our programmes are more accessible to our students in Uganda. It is through these external partnerships that we can guarantee continued support for a healthy future in the country.​