Our Future: Environment and Sustainability at AKU

AKU is committed to building a healthier and more sustainable future. 

Our vision involves every area of university life, as we aim to mobilise the internal community and engage external stakeholders as change agents, and contribute to a culture of sustainability and innovation at AKU. A key goal is to  reduce our operational greenhouse gas emissions to become net zero by 2030.

The growing climate crisis and continuous degradation to the environment are producing particularly destructive impacts to the communities AKU serves, demanding ever greater and more urgent responses. AKU is guided by the AKDN Environment and Climate commitment statement which outlines four principles: responsible stewardship, a focus on quality of life for the most vulnerable, socially responsible leadership and leading by example, complementing the Aga Khan Development Network's values and ethics​.

Our strategy will directly and indirectly support the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Our ​Actions

The science is clear. Climate change impacts are already felt by many of the communities AKU serves daily. The world has little time to fundamentally change course.

While the coming years will require greater efforts, AKU has already started working towards implementing several best practices and innovative steps. At the same time, research is being designed and carried out at the nexus of environment, climate, health, and development.

​  ​

Improve greenhou​se​ gas​
accounting and monitoring


Invest in on-campus
cleaner energy

Reduce energy use
in buildings


Decrease emissions
from gases


Reduce waste
to be disposed

Limit supply