Understanding and supporting the development of people in the day-to-day con​texts in which they live and experience their multiple worlds are fundamental to any society’s hope of attaining a high quality of life and well-being for its citizens. The Institute for Human Development is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge with direct relevance for policies, programs, and practices that enhance life experiences at all stages of human development. In its foundational years, the Institute seeks particularly to become a visible instrumental force, locally as well as globally, for advancing knowledge about the earliest years of children’s development and for harnessing such knowledge for the purpose of shaping policies and interventions that ensure a strong start in life for all children wherever they may live.​​​​

Dr. Kofi Marfo​​​
​​​Professor & Foundation Director, Institute for Human Development​​​​​​​​​

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POLICY BRIEF: Mental Health of Frontline Health Workers
Protecting the wellbeing and strengthening the resilience of nurses, midwives, and community health volunteers in Kenya. Study carried out by AKU in partnership with Johnson and Johnson Foundation

Empowering ECD workforce

Addressing the gaps in knowledge and skills of ECD workforce and caregivers.