​Shaukat Ali Khan

Chief Information Officer ​​

Shaukat Ali Khan is the Chief Information Officer at the Aga Khan University and Hospitals and responsible for all ICT systems and services across AKU's global portfolio of Hospitals, Medical Centers and University locations in Asia, Africa and United Kingdom.​

​Shaukat joined AKU from the University of Central Asia (UCA), where he held the position of Chief Information Officer; during his time at UCA, Shaukat implemented digital transformation strategies relating to information management, processes, infrastructure, cyber security and distance learning initiatives among other pivotal responsibilities. He was also a part of the UCA's Executive Management team leading the IT organisation of the University and its institutions across fifteen (15) geographic locations in four countries.

Previously, Shaukat was Head of IT Production Infrastructure at Novo Nordisk's corporate headquarters in Denmark and Global Senior IT Infrastructure Architect for the network infrastructure which serves more than 42,000 employees in over 80 countries worldwide.

Prior to Novo Nordisk, Shaukat worked at UNICEF HQ IT Center in Copenhagen, where he was responsible for local data networks and the integration of global data networks and support IT operations.

Shaukat's international career spans over 20 years across strategic and operational IT disciplines in educational, pharmaceutical, humanitarian, defense and hospitality sectors in both developed and developing countries. He holds a master's in computer science from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden and a Bachelor of Engineering from Hamdard Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan. In addition, he is a Harvard Business School certified Dynamic Manager and Leader, equipped with the tools and best practices.

Shaukat's track record of success in delivering mission-critical technology solutions is anchored in a simple philosophy that “better data leads to better decisions, and that better decisions lead to better outcomes". He brings to Aga Khan University solid business insights and a wealth of technical knowledge necessary to effectively advance our systems and processes.​