Our Supporters

The Aga Khan University has enjoyed generous and loyal support from friends, alumni, patients, current and former staff members, volunteers, and the parents of students and graduates.   


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AKU alumni are among our m​​ost loyal donors. Their gifts testify to the enduring impact the University has on their personal and professional lives, and m​ake it possible for new generations to obtain an AKU education. Read more...

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Parents of current students and graduates know the difference an AKU education can make in a person's life. Gifts from parents help AKU provide an exceptional educational experience for their children and the next generation of AKU students. Read more...

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The generosity of AKU’s friends around the world has been extraordinary. Countless people have benefitted from their gifts and we greatly appreciate the support of all our friends. Read more...

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Grateful Patients

Thousands of people have benefitted from the high-quality care they received at an AKU hospital. Many of them and their families have chosen to express their gratitude by helping to make this care available to others by supporting AKU hospitals and its Patient Welfare Programmes. Read more...

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Staff and Former Staff

AKU has had a profound impact on the careers and lives of many of its employees. In addition to their countless professional contributions to the University, many have chosen to recognise its important role in their lives by making a philanthropic donation. Read more...



Numerous people have volunteered at AKU since its inception, and have made profound and lasting contributions. Many have also chosen to become donors to the University supporting its mission and programmes. Read more...