​Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

​​Learn more about the ​values and ethos of the Office of Student Experience. ​


The Office of Student Experience, Pakistan will be the leader in providing a transformative, student-centered university experience which aims to develop reflective professionals functioning as change agents in society.


​Guided by AKU tenets of Impact, Quality, Relevance, and Access,​ our mission is to help students maximize benefit from their AKU experience by nurturing their personal growth, professional acumen, holistic wellbeing, and desire to serve humanity.

Strategic Objectives

  • Foster a shared sense of identity among all students in alignment with AKU values, vision, and mission.
  • Develop students into impactful leaders and innovative, collaborative, and compassionate individuals by keeping them in the center of our programs, services, and initiatives, thereby fostering ownership and greater engagement. 
  • Provide students with opportunities for positive social and community interaction, paving the way for them to become responsive citizens while letting them unwind, relax, and explore their creative potential.
  • Positively impact students’ wellbeing and equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and aptitudes to develop their personal and professional identities throughout their lives​