Public Speaking Forum (PSF)​​

Public Speaking Forum (PSF) is a society where eloquence meets intellect and debates flourish. As the official debating society, PSF provides a vibrant platform for individuals to hone their oratory skills, engage in structured discussions, and delve into the art of persuasive argumentation. Through our diverse range of activities, including declamations and structured debates, we foster an environment where members can not only sharpen their communication abilities but also broaden their understanding of various subjects. Our quest is to cultivate critical thinking, effective communication, and a deeper appreciation for diverse viewpoints, as we strive to empower confident leaders who positively impact society.

Core Team


Alinah Qureshi​​


Shumair Gang ​​​

Co-ConvenorMusa Salar
General Secretary
Hashim Salar

Hamza Soha​​​​il