​Rowing ​Club

The AKU Rowing Club is a thriving community committed to fostering excellence in rowing. Through teamwork, discipline, and passion, the club aims to empower individuals to enhance their physical, mental, and personal abilities while promoting integrity and sportsmanship.

Established to cultivate a love for rowing, the AKU Rowing Club offers a supportive environment for athletes of all skill levels. The club believes rowing provides a unique blend of physical fitness, mental resilience, and camaraderie, contributing to personal development and fostering a strong sense of community.

The club values teamwork, dedication, and respect, believing that rowing instills discipline, perseverance, and a resilient attitude. The AKU Rowing Club serves as a platform for individuals to challenge themselves, build lasting friendships, and join a close-knit community united by their passion for rowing.

Core Team


Abdullah Ahmed 
​Sheza Saqib 
Co-ConvenorWaqas Tahir
Shuraim Gang
Head of MediaAbeeha Zafar