Event Planning Checklist for Student Groups during COVID-19

Students can organize small-scale events, provided they are conducted in a safe and responsible manner. All safety protocols and approval processes listed below are to be followed.  

For On-Site Events:

Permission must be gained from the Student Experience office. A one-page plan with details of the event must be submitted. 

Event attendance:

  • In-person events can only take place outdoors. Space needs to be pre-booked through Student Experience.  
  • Participation is currently capped at 30.  

Event signage must have the following messages:

  • Hand washing protocol
  • Social distancing of 6 feet/2 meters required
  • Face coverings are required
  • The Stay Safe signage developed by AKU Communications department may be used. 

Safety Protocols

  • A station with extra facemasks and hand sanitizers must be set up at the event entrance. 
  • Face masks are required of all participants to be worn for the entire duration of the event. 
  • Keep an attendance list of all attendees. Collect their name, program, and email address and save the information in a secure place. 
  • Food is to be served through meal boxes to prevent exposure through dishes and cutlery.
  • No events selling food/bake sales are permitted at this time.
  • No outside guests or visitors may attend your event. This includes performers and speakers (virtual attendance through Zoom is permitted) 
  • A member of your group should be assigned to monitor and enforce social distancing and mask wearing among participants.​

For Online Events

For virtual events taking place on Zoom, take precautions to avoid "Zoom bombing" (ie disruptions by mischievous individuals). These include: pre-registration for the event, setting passwords and emailing participants the event access information.
Encourage participants to use their names, rather than nicknames, as the screen display names. 

Questions? Contact Office of Student Experience, Pakistan. ​