Our Team​​​

​Our team may be small, but we are here to help you! Please reach out to us, preferably by email​ or phone (extension 4535), if you want to float an idea for a student activity, any grievances about your student life or just to say hello. 


Saad Zubair
Interim Director

Saad holds a Master's in International Education Policy and Management and has been a part of the Office of Student Experience (then known as the Office of the Dean of Students) from its very start in 2017. He strongly believes in placing students at the center of the programs, services and initiatives developed by this office and values discussion and consensus in decision making.​

He is interested in developing systems that help students be heard, empowered, supported, taken care of, and valued and is a huge proponent of transparency of information. Saad is committed to helping students grow and develop their talents across a multitude of dimensions.

Amin Lakhani
Manager, Student Affairs; 

An easygoing person who enjoys working with students and believes in the power of teamwork, Amin is a strong believer in and proponent of student empowerment, student advocacy, and the physical and mental well-being of students. ​

Associated with Student Affairs at AKU since 1995, Amin has worked in multiple capacities within this area: starting with Student Electives in the Medical College before moving to Admissions, Open House, Out-Reach Programme, Convocation, and then finally Student Life from 2010 onwards. He was a part of the Registrar’s Office till 2017, before moving to the newly set up Office of the Dean of Students, which was transformed into the Office of Student Experience in 2020. He holds an MBA in Human Resources. ​​

Amin is key in arranging and organizing co-curricular activities for students including sports, student societies and committees, orientations, and works with the Student Counselling Services and Wellness office on student health, student mentorship, and advising on events related to wellbeing. 

Nadia Rehman
Communications Specialist

Nadia is a Communications professional with experience in both the corporate and non-profit sector. Interested in both internal and external communication and using a blend of ‘new’ media and its more traditional counterparts, she strives to get the word out, at the right time, to the right people, and using the most appropriate platform and language. Nadia has a Master’s degree in Global Communications and experience in project management, content development, and global media. ​

At AKU, Nadia assists students with their communications initiatives, and runs all communications for projects and programmes of the Office of the Student Experience. ​​​​