​Student Research Forum

SRF is an autonomous organization of students at the Aga Khan University and serves as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences under the broad theme of academic curiosity. The society consists of the following wings: Academics, Resource Development and Mentorship, Communications, and Workshops. ​

The forum's activity is focused on promoting quality research education and opportunities to make undergraduate research more accessible and sustainable for students within AKU and across the country. By providing exposure to leading scientists and impactful research, SRF empowers students to obtain the mentorship, instruction, and professional networks needed to join the next generation of ethically responsible academicians.

​Core Team

​Convenor​​​ (MBBS)

Hamna Ganny​
Co-Convenor (MBBS)
​Asad Fatimi
Co-Convenor (MBBS)Shahzil Malik​
Convener (SONAM)
Saeeda Batool
Co-C​onvenor (SONAM)Sehar Aslam
Co-Convener (SONAM)
​Sara Meghani