​​The AKU President's Challenge for Climate Solutions

Welcome to the 2023 edition of the President's Challenge! With a commitment to environment sustainability, we're here to work with YOU to raise awareness about climate change, inspire collective action and drive tangible changes that contribute to a better environment for a better tomorrow.

What is the President's Challenge?

Students get together in teams to conceptualise, develop, and present innovative and effective climate action projects with the help of experts who'll mentor you along the way. The top teams win exciting prizes!

Who can participate?

  • Are you passionate about utilising your skills to ideate on the world's most pressing challenge?
  • Are you curious to learn more about the environment and climate?
  • Are you looking forward to being inspired and inspiring others with your innovative ideas?

Then read on, join, and win exciting ​prizes. We hope to empower and create lasting change in your home, university, community and city by promoting creative solutions.

Open to all AKU students in all AKU geographies, as well as medical and nursing interns, residents and fellows.

Learn More about this year's theme!​


AKU President's Challenge for Climate Solutions 2023

#AKUStudents, your innovative ideas are the need of the hour. As problem solvers, you have the power to make a difference in our cities grappling with the urgent issue of climate change.

So, let's act. Join the #AKUClimateChallenge now!​​

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Interested? Here's how it works!
Find out how you can register, what will be expected at different stages, time commitment, and the judging criteria