Grant-based C​ourses

Having established the platform, Continuing Education Programme is also offering grant-based courses. These grants have been obtained through competitive bidding. Through these capacity building grants state of the art national, regional and international courses are offered.

  • Implementation Resear​ch Training -​ First offering in WHO EMRO Region (2016-17). (Training Report​)​
  • Hospital Management for Capacity Building of Health Managers in Countries of Eastern Mediterranean Region (2014) (Course Brochure, external links: WHO, Tribune​)
  • Leadership, Planning and Budgeting (2014)
  • Addressing Governance, Gender and Disaster in a Fragile Health System (2013) (Course Brochure)
  • Hospital Management for Health Managers in Public Health Sector Hospitals of AJK (2012)
  • Providing Quality Family Planning and Post Abortion Care Services (2012)
  • Field Epidemiology for Surveillance and Investigation of Outbreak (2009)
  • Sensitisation on Millennium Development Goals: Poverty Reduction Strategies, Reproductive Health and Health Sector Reform (2007-2009) (Course Brochure)
  • Leadership in Family Planning and Reproductive Health (2008-2012) (Course Brochure)​​