Lending ​

The library provides lending services to its users. Following are the borrowing categories and their privileges:​​

​Borrower​ Category​

​Number of Books Allowed​

​For a Period

​AKU-IED Faculty members​


4 weeks​

PDTs / Researchers​


​2 weeks

Course Participants (MEd)​


2 weeks​

​Course Participants Certificate and Diploma​


​2 weeks

​AKU Faculty members​


​2 weeks

​AKU-IED Staff​


​2 weeks​

​​Visiting Faculty members


2 weeks​


Inquiries and Advisory Service 

Staff is available for assistance and advice on all aspects of library use, including general and specific questions on all educational topics and related subjects and provides help to students in literature search from resources available in print and other mediums.

Orientation Programme 

In order to acquaint new students with the library's services and resources, an orientation programme is conducted at the beginning of each course. Students are also briefed about the use of online catalogue and other electronic resources. They are also acquainted with the library's rules and regulations. Presentations for literature search on the Internet and CD-ROM are also arranged.

Contents Alert Service

A table of content of new journals received by the library are scanned and electronically shared weekly on Intranet with all faculty, researchers and graduates.​

Inter-Library Loan

This service is extended to a member if a required book or material is not available in this library. Books can be borrowed through inter-library loan from any of the AKU libraries and the Teachers Resource Centre. Journal articles can also be acquired from Oxford University and the British Library on request. However, the library will charge for this service.​


Library materials can be borrowed for photocopying at reprographic rooms at AKU-IED on payment. However, a whole book is not allowed to be photocopied, as per copyright regulations.


 AKU-IED library in collaboration with the School Heads Association for Development in Education (SHADE) has been working with librarians of AKU-IED's cooperating schools in developing school libraries and enhancing children's reading habits.
The library caters to the needs of the Open Learning students and also those students registered in the PhD and MPhil programmes at AKU-IED's partner universities.​​​